Saturday, June 16, 2012

I Now Measure My Swim in Miles

Swimming and I are finally becoming friends.
Even Open Water Swimming and I are becoming friends.

Starting in 2010, when I began to swim, my swim efforts have been logged in my training book by yards, until this month.
I measured my swim in 2011 by yards.
And I started out 2012 by measuring my swim by yards.

JUNE, I am swimming a new tune!
I noticed beginning this month I have been logging my swim in MILES.

A mile equals 5280 feet.

A mile equals 160,934.4 centimeters.
A mile equals 1609.34 meters.
A mile equals 1760 yards.

And today after my guy and I rode 30 miles on the Plain Wrap Ride, a local charity ride that raised money for The Kevin Unck Foundation (relief for injured cyclists), Cycling Connection's Kid's Bike Give-Away and Ride of Silence, a swim mile was entered into the calculation of how long it would take us to get to a restaurant to eat.

This is my usual - bacon and eggs, fruit instead of has browns and dry whole wheat toast, which I slather with strawberry jam.

We had just biked and we were hungry and what did we think of? Swimming.

Robert was in charge of the GPS while I drove. He was searching for a place for us to go eat breakfast.

"Uh, there is a Mimi's in .8 of a mile," he said. "The GPS says we will be there at 11:06." (For the record my digital clock in my SUV said 11:05.)
"I guess I better really drive," I said.
"You know, if I was swimming it would take us 28 minutes," he said.
"And me longer," I shot back.

Yes, the day before when we swam at Lake Perris we swam .8 miles together and it took us about 40 minutes. My knee was bothering me and we still had a mountain bike ride to do, so I was done. Robert said he wanted to make another lap. I said I would time him. He took off and 28 minutes later he was back.

Now if I could just learn to draft off of him.


FYI - we were eating about .4 swimming miles later.

Just going to train-n-tri.

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