Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thank you Pedals!

A couple of weeks ago on a group ride my bike had a nervous breakdown.
No wonder - a ghost had moved in and was shifting gears up and down and all around. My legs could barely keep up with the changes.
If only I had had Pacman to get rid of my ghost.

The noises coming from my gears set my teeth on edge.
Needless to say, it was a torturous ride.

Next day I took my bike into Pedals Bicycle Shop.

Look, here's the story - I had a great bike mechanic I really trusted at another store, but he took a job at another bike shop in another city. I really liked him, but not enough to drive really far to get my bike fixed.

So I have been searching for a new mechanic.

I told the guys at Pedals what my bike was doing and they fixed it - for quite a bit less than the original quote.

I rode my bike on a couple more rides, including one to the beach, and my bike seemed fine.

Until Tuesday night. The ghost had moved back in and started shifting my gears all by itself. When I would shift, that pesky ghost would keep the gear from becoming fully engaged. It was maddening!

Next day, I took my bike back to Pedals and explained the problem.

My biggest worry was that it would be something BIG and it would take time to fix..but I needed it fixed ASAP.

I have Tri-Series #3 on Sunday.
Olympic Distance with LOTS of hills.

Jason Markley, the owner, took some pity on me and worked on my bike to get it out of his shop in one day.

I really appreciate it!

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I may not have to search for a new bike mechanic.

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