Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let Me Know if Coconut Oil Goes on Sale!

I need coconut oil to go on sale.
 I have been spooning coconut oil into my mouth daily to get it all of its health benefits.

 Now I've learned that it isn't just good for internal use.

It's good for external use also.

This from the Ironman Training Website:


Three reasons triathletes should add this oil to their regimen

(FYI - since I have already talked about all the great things coconut oil does for your insides in an earlier blog - March 2, 2012, I have only included the portions of the article that deal with the EXTERNAL wonders)

Coconut extracted from grated, pressed coconut meat, or "copra," coconut oil is one of the most popular coconut products among healthy enthusiasts for both is high nutrient content and a wide range of applications.

Coconuts continue to drop into the nutritional spotlight......
Skin health: Hours spent training outdoors means prolonged sun exposure, which can lead to discoloration, wrinkles or overly dry skin. Coconut oil’s soothing properties and antioxidant powers make it an ideal ingredient in homemade skincare solutions. Mix it into your sunblock for added protection on long rides and runs. Post-workout, add it to your bath, or apply directly to clean, dry skin. It also works exceptionally well as a glide or lube for under the wetsuit or bike chamois.
Hair protection: Chlorine, swim caps and helmets can contribute to broken, straw-like strands. To nourish and repair, use coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner, applying about a teaspoon to washed, towel-dried hair. Its natural fatty acids will help lock in moisture to keep hair healthy before, during and post-race.

So if I start smelling like a BIG coconut, you know why....I am now taking for my insides AND putting on my outside.

You can see what is important in my extinguisher, coconut oil, red wine and coffee.

All the fruits and veggies are in the fridge...maybe I'll show you sometime.

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  1. When I did IM Canada the massage therapist there used coconut oil for my massage. It was great, so I got some to use on my clients! I got some to use on my clients but be careful because it seems to go rancid pretty quickly after you open it. You might try keeping it in the fridge.