Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Pancake Ride

I have some Triathlon Connection friends that sometimes only know one speed - FAST!
So it was with a little reluctance that I talked my friends and new TC members into riding along with the TC gang on today's Sunday morning ride.
TC group is fast.......uhm, friends, not so fast.
Then another TC member wanted to jump in and ride the slow boat, I mean bike, to the beach.
Then another TC member said she had ORDERS to take it easy on her ride because she is tapering.

I was happy that we would have a FAST and a slowER group, not that our slow is slow, it is just slowER!!!

Then Coach T chimed in and suggested that some of us ride to OHIO?
 OHIO really meaning IHOP in iPhone language.

A Pancake ride?

I have been taking the pancake ride for a few years now and have pulled several unsuspecting cyclists along on this ride with the promise of pancakes in the middle of the ride.
I even coerced my yoga instructor to get one a bike and pedal the 25 miles to IHOP and the 25 miles back. Twice I have talked her into the ride. Neither time was pretty (sorry, Lori), but that's okay because what she lacks as a cyclist, I lack as a yogist (is that a word?)
  A representation of my Yoga Instructor (again, sorry Lori)

my representation of me doing Yoga (you'll notice my knees are NO WHERE near the ground, which is where the unlame flexible yogists have their knees).

Back on the track now......

We met at Yorba Linda Park, our starting spot, took pictures, rode, regrouped and took more pictures, then rode some more.

Halfway into our ride some of us headed toward IHOP as was suggested by our coach.

The we rode home.
Some of us faster than others.
(You try riding with a stomach full of bacon and eggs and pancakes and PANCAKES!)

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