Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tinman Recap

Short and Sweet, and not so Sweet.
I finished Tinman 1 minute faster than I did last year.
Since the reverse triathlon is not a sanctioned event, I don't know how it took me to run, or T1, or bike, or T2 swim....I only know my entire tag time

And it was shorter than last years.

My goal is to continue to age every year (I mean, that's all our goal, right?), while maintaining my fitness.
Well, to improve from last year makes me very happy.
I've read lots of studies about women and fitness and how every year women can expect to lose a certain percentage of muscle mass and fitness.
I am expecting to be the exception to those studies' findings.

That's the short and sweet.

The not sweet - my knee is jacked.
My kneecap is throbbing and aching.

I've iced it.
I've taped it.
I've rubbed goop into it.
I have popped numerous pills into my mouth.
All to no avail.

Tomorrow I am seeing the doctor.
 I know what he is going to say - RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevate).
I can live with that advice, though I will probably ignore it.
I just want to make sure nothing is torn, ripped or ?

I need to have my knee is good shape so I can train-n-tri.

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