Friday, June 1, 2012

Piranhas in Lake Perris?

I swam at Lake Perris today after work. It seemed a perfect way to end the work week, start the weekend and celebrate the beginning of June.

Until this swam up into my face at about .6 miles into my swim.

Okay, so it really wasn't a piranha, but for a split second I thought it was. All I could see was a big mouth with teeth coming my way.
When I popped my head up and yelled, "Shit!" there was a duck right in front of me. He looked at me and then dove under the water. I guess he was fishing. I guess the fish swimming toward me was actually swimming for his life trying to escape death by duck.

It was, however, the first time I had seen a fish while I was swimming in the lake and I was curious about what kind of fish scared the word "shit" out of me, so I goggled "What kind of fish are in Lake Perris?"

I came up with and it said Bluegil, Redear, Bass and Trout.
I am not a fisherwoman and I have no idea what these fish look like in nature. I know what a Trout looks like when it is cooked on a plate.
Uhm, it is kind of hard to tell without the head and skin if this was the fish that swam toward me today. But that looks good enough to eat.

I have eaten Bass.

Again, hard to tell if this was my "shit" fish, but yummy-looking.

What do they all look like in nature, I mean, in Lake Perris?
This might be the scaly guy that swam up into my face. He had his mouth wide open and it seemed like he was baring his teeth at me. I couldn't find any pictures of the Bluegil with his mouth open.

Maybe it was this fish?
Or this Bass?
I saw a lot of picture of the Bass with his mouth open - that might be a clue. But I am not sure.


If a cop lined them all up and asked me which fish harassed me at Lake Perris, I would not, with all certainly, be able to finger the culprit.
My brain did not capture enough details...only the gaping mouth and teeth.

I do know that it was NOT a Piranha because it did not bite me, chew me up and spit me out.
(Okay, just be thankful that I did NOT put a picture here of someone who HAD been bit, chewed and spit out by a Piranha - the pictures are not pretty.)

Next week when I swim in Lake Perris, if I come across a fish, this is what is going to be going through my mind -

Yum Yum! Fish Tacos!

Now, that duck...well, he still scares me.

I am going to have to sight more!

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