Wednesday, June 6, 2012

National Running Day

Today is National Running Day!

I got up and swam.....I swam 1.2 miles in a lake.

I swam with Triathlon Connection friends and my guy......

One of my friends joked that you know you are a triathlete when it is National Running Day and you aren't going to run because it isn't on your training plan.

Running isn't on my training plan today...just the swimming (and I did swim a little more than was on my plan). But I haven't had any running on my plan so far this week. I think the lack of running on my plan is a gift from my coach. At least I am going with that assumption until I hear differently.

Still it is National Running Day!

And my guy keeps asking me when I want to run........I don't think answering "Tomorrow" is going to be an acceptable answer.

When it cools off?
When I am done working in the yard?

No excuses, just lace up the running shoes and at least run around the block........even if you are a triathlete and it isn't on your plan.
Invite your non-running neighbor to join you and go slow!
I run because at the end of my miles I feel as if I have accomplished something and I feel as if my body is strong. I run because it is a necessary part of competing in triathlons. I run to stay fit. I run so I can have a beer without too many calories collecting around my waist. Sometimes I run to get away from everyone and get into my head.
Why do you run?

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