Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rest Day?

I opened up my workoutlog email Friday evening and found this:

Your PLANNED workouts:
Saturday, 06/09/2012
Day Off

Sunday, 06/10/2012
Swim 0.9 mi

Bike 24.0 mi

Run 6.1 m

Saturday - Day Off!

No running. No biking. No swimming. No strength training. No yoga.

It's hard to have a day off from training.

Especially when it's not REALLY a day off.

A REAL day off would look something like this -

Here's what my DAY OFF was like:
6 a.m. -get up and make coffee, then feed cats and dog.
Unload dishwasher and load pile of dishes in sink into dishwasher.

Fold a load of clean towels, put clothes from washing machine into dryer and start another load of towels.

It would have been easier and more fun to run a 5k - but NO, my coach said to take the DAY OFF!

8 a.m. - show up at the Riverside Bicycle Rodeo where I teamed up with fellow Riverside Bicycle Club member Marty and trained kids on proper arm signaling, how to properly stop at stop signs, and how to ride in a figure 8.

We made it simple for the kids - point the way you want to turn. We trained 41 kids and gave away 38 free helmets!

Not too hard, but not a day at the park. Oh wait, we were at a park...but I didn't sit down once.

Noon - Stopped by Trader Joe's and Von's and picked up groceries for my family. We did not have much left in the house. My list was long.


Buying the food was the easy part. Then I had to unload the bags from the car and put the stuff away. The putting away involved cleaning out the refrigerator to make room for the new stuff. The dog was really happy no one had eaten the piece of boneless chicken that was pushed all the way to the back bottom shelf.

I ended up with a bag full of leftover rice, a couple of old pears, some uneaten asparagus, stale bread, wilted (and slimy) lettuce and sorry looking strawberries no one was ever going to eat.

3 p.mish - I took the bag of food out to my composting bins, where I added the stuff in and turned two of the bins.
Turning involves using a pitchfork and a shovel and some back, arm and core muscles.

4:30 p.m. - grabbed a beer and the hose and watered some plants.

5:30 p.m. - Made enchiladas and popped them in oven, then continued watering plants. Cut back a couple of bushes.


6:30 p.m. - Ate dinner and cleaned dishes.

7:15 p.m. - packed triathlon bag for race tomorrow.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow. A .9 mile swim in a lake, a 24-mile hilly bike ride and a 6.2 mile hilly run.

It will be like a day off!

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