Thursday, May 17, 2012

Don't Do Anything New on Race Day

Don't do anything NEW on race day - that's the advice doled out by coaches and pros. Go with what you know. Don't eat anything different. Don't wear anything different. Be a creature of habit.

But I have a couple of new things I want to try out.

So I made today my practice race day.
I tried two new things today and both worked fine, so I am going to use them when I run the Pasadena Half Marathon on Sunday.

This is the first new thing I tried.

I got this bottle of Electrolytes yesterday from my Chiropractor, Dr. Pete. During my ART session with him we starting talking about Wildflower and my bike triathlon competition. Dr. Pete told me he had another client who also competed at Wildflower. This other client, I'll call him Mr. X, did the long course. It was Mr. X's second year in a row to compete in the long course (half ironman) at Wildflower. According to Dr. Pete, Mr. X took Sport Connexin (Pure Electrolytes for Optimal Performance) this year and shaved LOTS of time off his event. Lots meaning more than an hour and less than an hour and a half.

(Okay, Mr. X probably trained his ass off this past year, but even he texted Dr. Pete and said what a difference Sport Connexin made.)

I just want to shave minutes off my run on Sunday. Last year I wanted to break 2:30. I know that is not fast for all you fast runners, but for me it is a good clip. I ran with a UTI and had to stop at several bathrooms along the way. I managed a tag time of 2:33:54.

I just want to lose 3:54 minutes this year.
If Sport Connexin can give me an edge, I am taking it.
The bottle says it will restore your Body's pH to:
Maximize endurance and energy
Neutralize metabolic acids
Speed muscle recovery
Reduce cramping and Injury

I took 3 pills (considered a serving) this morning before my run and it didn't give me an upset stomach so I am using it on race day.

Here's my second practice race day item:
The most expensive pair of shoelaces EVER. $20 for two laces, $10 per lace.

My guy and I each picked up a pair of XTENEX laces at Wildflower.
They are touted as "The Lace of Genius".
I'd like to think I am smart for handing out $20 for a pair of shoelaces, but I am still on the fence about it.
I have tried those other elastic laces you don't have to tie, but after a few miles of running they always seem to be too tight and hurt the top of my foot

This morning before my run, I laced up one of my running shoes with XTENEX, but left the other with the regular lace.
After 5 miles I could tell the difference.
The left foot in the running shoe with the XTENEX in it felt less constricted. My right foot felt a little squished.
My feet must swell when I run more than I thought and since the XTENEX laces have some give, my left foot was not squished.

Going with XTENEX on race day also.

I'll let you know how it all goes after 13.1 miles.

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