Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tired Girl

I love days like today.
I feel as if I really LIVED the entire day.
I used up every second of it.

I wrote and edited 30 pages.
I ran 5 miles.
I lifted weights for an hour.
I did a couple loads of laundry (I could have done without that, but it is a necessity).
I made tuna sandwiches for my son and me and I ate out on the patio and read a magazine and watched the birds eat from a feeder.
I took my bike to the bike shop for a cleaning and tune-up.
I bought 3 bags of healthy food from Trader Joe's.
I went to see Dr. Pete and stood on the Turbo Sonic Vibration Machine, then had an hour-long ART session (Active Release Therapy).
I worked out in my backyard watering some plants, pulling some weeds and cutting back some bushes.
I went to my Master's Swim Lessons for Triathletes.
I made Vegetable Chicken Alfredo for my gang.
I updated my workout log.

I am going to love tomorrow, too!

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