Saturday, May 19, 2012


Team Aquaphor and Active Ambassadors sent out their acceptance invitations yesterday:


You have been selected to become a member of the

2012 Team Aquaphor
"Your athletic accomplishments and individual interests were a perfect match for the sponsors’ goal of building a dedicated team of influential, social, passionate athletes who value both performance and fitness and the power in combining them both."
Well, I am tri-ing my hardest, and I feel that triathlon is the perfect sport for older women (yikes, I just put myself in the older woman category) such as me. It is hard to train for all the six areas of triathlon...yes, I think there are six parts of triathlon - swim, bike, run, strength training, nutrition and recovery!
I hope Team Aquaphor picked me to join their team because I represent the "older" woman and what is possible.
 Unlike lots of women triathletes my age, I didn't play sports in school. I did have horses and rode English and Hunter Hack, but the only running involved four cantering hooves. I was on a softball team when I was 18. The team was sponsored by a liquor store and while we did go out on the field and play against other teams, our main objective was to get through the game and then celebrate our win or loss (mostly losses) with a party. I didn't play sports in college either. I went to classes, partied, studied, partied and partied. My elbow got lots of exercise.
Then I got married, had kids and sat on the sidelines and watched them excel at sports. I would take a walk once in a while.
I didn't pick up Triathlon as a sport until I was almost 50.
Before that I never ran. I didn't ride a bike and I didn't know how to swim.
It is possible to go from couch potato to athlete.
It is possible to learn to love running.
It is possible to learn to ride a bike and go fast.
It is possible to learn how to swim in a pool, in a lake and in an ocean.
It is possible to get an invitation to be sponsored by a team....again.

A few months ago I blogged that Odwalla would not be sponsoring a team in 2012. After being on Team Odwalla for the 2011 season, I was teamless. I still have my fabulously supportive, fun, awesome triathlon club.
But it is fun to be on a nationally branded team.
The best part of being on Team Odwalla was I was able to get them to buy a tree for the local school's native California Garden. Sure the drinks and the bars were great and I loved sharing them with family and friends and training partners, but that tree will be there a long time.

Now I have packed up all my Odwalla apparel and I will wait patiently for Team Aquaphor's shipment.

I love their products.

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